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How do I apply?

Registration for all Crenshaw Academy Programs and campuses must be completed IN PERSON or VIRTUAL.

To request an appointment to speak with an Admissions Advisor, please complete the form on this page and someone will contact you to book an appointment.

Enrollment Procedures:

Enrollment will not be confirmed until the following has occurred:

  1. Campus tour with meeting of applicant and administration.
  2. All required documents and forms must be completed.
  3. Payment of program or registration upon acceptance and first tuition fees (as applicable) is required to complete enrollment in any Crenshaw Academy program.

Crenshaw Parent
"We would like to say thank you for teaching our son, he has truly enjoyed the classes. He has learned a lot over these past weeks. His presentation in speaking, and your gift for teaching has made an impact on him. We are grateful to Crenshaw and its teachers who are indeed committed to helping all students succeed."
- Crenshaw Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

What Grades Do You Teach?

Kindergarten through Grade 12

What is the Student-Teacher ratio?

Lower School 12:1
Middle School 15:1
High School 15:1

What colleges have Crenshaw graduates attended?

Crenshaw graduates have gone on to some of the finest colleges and universities in Florida and Nationwide! Please see our complete listing here.

What if my child has special strengths or interests that he may want to explore further?

Crenshaw meets with teachers, and parents and students to assist in finding or providing resources that can enrich or extend the curriculum at Crenshaw. In addition, we have the option for older students to set up an Independent Study where they can earn credits for work in areas that may not be available through our regular curriculum.

Can our child receive academic support beyond the classroom if needed?

Crenshaw has an in-house tutoring program to provide support in organization, study skills and content area concepts and curriculum.

Why should our child enroll at The Crenshaw Academy?

The Crenshaw Academy focuses on the individual needs of a child. Every child is different and learns by different means. Crenshaw does not force a child to fit into programs and standards – it works with each child. Our small class sizes ensure that a child will be known by name and not by seating charts.