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How to Stay Focused at School Before the Holidays

How to Stay Focused at School Before the Holidays

Wednesday, 12 October 2022 14:56

Crisp mornings, auburn leaves, and shorter days mean one thing- the holiday season is just around the corner. For parents, this is a notorious season of stress. There are gatherings to coordinate, an abundance of shopping to finish, and it truly wouldn’t be the holiday season without battling a crowd here and there. 

For students, however, this is a season filled with daily countdowns until school break and pure excitement. Once holiday-themed assignments are paired with the preparation for class parties, it becomes increasingly harder to keep students focused on their academics. 


Although it’s easier to focus on the upcoming break from school rather than their homework, students can avoid ‘checking out’ completely. They need to continue to stay focused on their studies so that they are prepared for their return to school and the start of the second semester. Help students avoid missing important instruction with these five simple tips: 

Six Tips for Helping Students Stay Focused as the Holidays Approach

1) Make sure your student is getting plenty of sleep.

Exciting seasons often correlate with reduced sleep schedules which makes it even harder to focus leading up to the holiday season. Students who don’t get adequate sleep during the school week are much more likely to miss instruction, fall behind in homework, and struggle socially.  

An average of nine hours of sleep is recommended for school-aged students to perform well in their classes. While they’re on break from school, make sure they’re taking the time for adequate rest then, too. Habits like staying up late and playing video games are tough to break when it’s time to go back to their morning school routine. 

2) Check in on their homework and assignments.

Not necessarily for accuracy, but check in on your student’s homework and assignments from time to time in order to make sure they’re being completed. Students turning their homework into their teachers in a timely manner is important to prevent missing grades at the end of the semester, which could lead to an overall lower grade in the class.

 It’s easier for students to forget assignments when their minds are occupied with upcoming travel plans and spending time with their loved ones.

3) Encourage reading for fun!

It’s easy for students to get burnt out on reading throughout their academic career since they’re required to read daily material for their classes. One way to help prevent ‘reading burnout’ is to encourage reading for fun before and during the school’s holiday breaks.

 Try incorporating holiday-themed books when reading for fun. This will keep students in the educational mindset of reading while also taking a break from their school curriculum. 

4) Encourage your student to ask for help.

This is an easy time of the year for students to zone out and lose focus during class. If they’re having trouble concentrating on the material, encourage them to ask questions and seek help with assignments. 

Teachers are more than happy to help answer questions and work through an assignment where a student might be struggling. Making sure students understand the material prior to a school break helps students with their comprehension and retention when classes return. 

5) Reward your student for staying focused.

It takes nearly double the amount of concentration to stay focused around the holiday season. Take time to reward your student for working extra hard. It will help keep them motivated, and they’ll appreciate the recognition for the extra effort they’ve put into their school work. 

Did your student score exceptionally well on a test that they were worried about? Try taking them out to your local coffee shop in congratulations for a job well done. This doubles as a great opportunity for quality time to connect with your student.

  • Know your students and select rewards for them based on their age, interests, and what keeps them motivated.
  • Try incorporating holiday-themed outings. For example, go to a pumpkin patch or apple picking in the fall as a special treat or go to a Christmas lights show in December for a job well done.
  • Take the opportunity to connect with your student while rewarding them. These opportunities serve as a great time to catch up on your student’s interests, goals, and what they could be struggling with at the time.

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