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The Crenshaw Academy: A K-12 School in Orlando, Florida

The Crenshaw Academy: A K-12 School in Orlando, Florida

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 22:44

Home to the world's most famous theme parks, there is a lot more to Orlando, Florida than Disney World and Universal Studios. The city itself has welcomed over 100,000 new residents since 1990, while greater Orlando has more than doubled to 2.6 million in that same time frame. While tourism has certainly driven much of the economy in our region, many large companies have moved here in the last few years, bringing with them excellent career opportunities and drawing new people from all over the world to Orange County. Orlando is an international city, receiving a "Gamma +" rating from the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

From world-renowned restaurants to shopping, there is plenty to enjoy about living in central Florida. We have some of the best medical care and highest-quality education in the country. Even with excellent public schools, many parents in Orlando are searching for alternatives to traditional K-12 education. 

The Crenshaw Academy is the answer for families in and around Orlando, Florida. Here is what you need to know about our K-12 institution. 


The Crenshaw Academy's Mission and Beliefs

The Crenshaw Academy's mission is to help students become outstanding citizens. We believe a strong foundation in academics and a well-rounded student is essential to the development in forming creative, thinking individuals. Challenging academics walking hand-in-hand with the community helps children become the people we expect them to be. 

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive. We help nurture a child's capacity for natural intellectual inquiry, analysis, problem-solving, and independence of thought. Our faculty work to develop each student's mastery of basic skills while facilitating debate and discussions within the classroom. Participating in and facilitating reading, writing, and experimentation with concepts help children utilize their imaginations to learn and grow. 

By mastering the academic basics in their early years, your children will be ready to take on every challenge as they advance through school into adulthood. We make sure learning is fun and fascinating, so your child will love learning. Students are taught the importance of self-discovery and education in a collegial environment, emphasizing academics, the arts, athletics, and community service.

The Crenshaw Academy's Ethics Policy

The Crenshaw Academy is committed to the dignity of every individual and provides equal opportunities for students from every background. Our primary focus is the development of every child's potential. The means each teacher adheres to and is trained under our robust code of ethics. This helps us ensure the safest learning environment possible in every classroom. 

Class Sizes for Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade

One of the primary advantages of private education is class size. The average number of students in a Florida classroom is over 18 and can be as high as 22. At The Crenshaw Academy, Kindergarten through fifth-grade classes are smaller than average. There are a number of benefits to small class sizes, including:

  • Teachers and administrators can identify students that require additional help mastering certain subjects. 
  • Teachers are able to identify students' strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Teachers can utilize the teaching styles most effective for individual students. 
  • Teachers are in the unique position to personalize the curriculum for each student
  • Teachers and administrators can implement social distancing to avoid the spread of sickness. 

There is no doubt having smaller class sizes helps us make sure your child flourishes at The Crenshaw Academy. 

Academics and Personal Growth for Students

Academics are a major point of focus at The Crenshaw Academy. In grades K-5, our integrated curriculum emphasizes experiential learning. A significant portion of the instruction children receive is individualized for each child's needs, strengths, and weaknesses. 

As students age into their middle school year, our program continues to focus on mastery of skills while also introducing study skills, community service, athletics, and social and personal growth activities. It challenges students to get ready for our rigorous college preparatory program. 

By the time students reach the Upper School (grades 9-12), they are presented with a multitude of opportunities to demonstrate their strengths and mastery of skills and subjects. The intense college-preparatory program prepares students for pursuing education at the university level by including opportunities to take Honors and Advanced Placement courses in each subject, as well as a variety of electives. 

High School and College Dual Enrollment Program

For eleventh and twelfth graders with at least a B-average, we offer participation in Dual Enrollment at Valencia Community College or the University of Central Florida. Students in the Dual Enrollment program can take one or two college-level classes per semester. This program helps set students apart during the admissions process at area colleges while also helping prepare students for the challenges of education at the next level. We enjoy seeing students flourish in this program. 

If you are searching for a K-12 private school that will help your child achieve their full potential, the administration and faculty at Crenshaw Academy are here to answer your questions. Our program will help your student grow and flourish. 

Contact The Crenshaw Academy for more information about our facilities, curriculum, and whatever you need to know about quality education in the Orlando area. 

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