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Tips for Paying for Private School

Tips for Paying for Private School

Tuesday, 05 October 2021 00:50

From the weather to the theme parks to the medical care and food scene, there is a lot to love about living in the Orlando area. While we are fortunate to count high-quality public schools as one of the advantages of being in central Florida, many parents are searching for alternatives to traditional public education. 

You may be convinced that private school is the best option for your child. The question may then be, how do you pay for it? In this article, we are providing seven tips for paying for private school with less stress.


Private education provides many benefits to parents and students, including:

  • Private schools have the freedom to choose their own curricula. 
  • Private schools typically have smaller class sizes than public institutions. 
  • Private schools utilize their lower student-to-teacher ratios to provide individual attention to students. They can identify areas where students are either excelling or struggling and accommodate their individual needs. 
  • Private schools like The Crenshaw Academy are able to provide programs that specifically benefit international students. 
  • Private schools have the flexibility to make decisions regarding health and safety on the basis of what is best for their students, faculty, staff, and communities.

How to Pay for Private School

1) Determine If Private Education Is Worth the Cost 

Before you can write the check without stress, private school has to be worth it to your family. In a previous article, we discussed what makes the Crenshaw Academy unique:

“For The Crenshaw Academy, in addition to providing high-quality academics to our students, we have the distinction of being an approved I-17 school and have established a program for international students. The International Student Program (ISP) serves students from across the world...Traditional students benefit from the diversity of culture and ideas our international students bring.”

If there is a private school in your area or that your child can attend online and its mission aligns with the vision you have for your child’s education, then you will have the motivation you need to plan your budget accordingly. 

2) Budget for Private Education Before School Begins

If your children are not yet school-age, now is the time to budget for private education. 

  • Research average tuition costs in your state. In Florida, the average annual private elementary and high school tuition is approximately $10,000.
  • Start setting aside tuition each month as soon as possible. 
  • Determine what you are willing to sacrifice to provide private education. 
  • Think of budgeting for private school as an investment in your child’s future. 

The sooner you can begin budgeting for private school tuition, the less stress you will invite into the life of your family. 

3) Find Out If the School Has Scholarships or Tuition Assistance

If you have a specific school in mind or have narrowed your choices down to a shortlist, you can begin reaching out to each institution for information about scholarships and financial aid. Many private elementary, middle, and high schools do offer some form of tuition assistance. 

For The Crenshaw Academy, you can find out more about finances by filling out the short form on this page

4)  Search for Outside Scholarships

There are many scholarships available for secondary-school students. Per the Florida Department of Education, here is a list of potential scholarships:

Going through the process of applying for scholarships can help your child take ownership of their education and prepare them for seeking financial aid for college. 

5) Use Your 529 Plan

While a 529 savings plan is primarily thought to be for college tuition, it can be used for elementary, middle, and high school education. 

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made education investment vehicles more usable, allowing parents to put up to $10,000 per year into a 529 plan for their children's private elementary or secondary school.

6) Utilize the School Choice Voucher Program

Florida is among the handful of states that offers school choice vouchers for parents to help ease the burden of private school tuition. You can find out more about vouchers, tax credits, and scholarships on the FDOE website

7) Don’t Let the Bill for Private School Stop You

One of the most important tips for paying private school tuition is not letting the cost stop you from making a choice you believe is right for your child. If you believe in a school’s mission, there are a number of options for how to make sure they get to receive the education you know they deserve. 

At The Crenshaw Academy, we believe a strong foundation in academics and a well-rounded student are essential to the development in forming creative, thinking individuals. The Crenshaw philosophy engenders respectful and collaborative relationships throughout the community, at home, and at school. 

Our nurturing faculty and staff are ready to invest in your child’s growth into the adult you know they can be. If you would like more information about education at The Crenshaw Academy, please feel free to reach out to us

We would be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule a tour of our facilities. We look forward to serving you and your child.