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What to Ask Before Choosing a Private School

What to Ask Before Choosing a Private School

Monday, 07 June 2021 22:12

There are few things more important to parents than their child's education. You know that the right school can set them on a path for the future. At the same time, an education that is lacking can hinder your child from reaching their goals and dreams. 

In the Orlando area, we are fortunate to have high-quality public schools with excellent teachers; however, many parents are searching for alternatives to traditional public institutions. If you are exploring private education, you have likely found that no two schools are the same. 

It can be challenging to determine what is best for your child. In this article, we want to help parents ask the best questions to find the most relevant information from potential private schools. 


6 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Private School

These seven questions are by no means the only ones you will ask, but they will help facilitate the conversations you need to have to evaluate potential institutions. 

1) What is Your School's Mission?

If your philosophy of education does not match a school's mission, it is probably not the right fit for your child. At The Crenshaw Academy, we believe a strong foundation in academics and a well-rounded student are essential to the development of creative, thinking individuals. 

Challenging academics walking hand-in-hand with the community helps to create an outstanding citizen. Parents can expect students at our school to be given the tools and supportive community to become well-rounded, problem-solving individuals. 

2) How Do You Accomplish Your Mission?

While hearing the mission is vital to determining if a school is a good fit for your child, it is equally important to assess how an institution plans to accomplish its mission. Our faculty and staff at The Crenshaw Academy adhere to a comprehensive strategy for helping students develop into creative, thinking individuals. In the younger grades, there is a great deal of focus on developing basic skills through experiential learning and instruction that is individualized. 

Older students in the upper grades benefit from required courses and electives that help them develop skills and critical thinking. We also offer an Entrepreneurial Program to help students develop business skills. Eleventh and twelfth graders are encouraged to participate in Dual Enrollment at Valencia Community College or the University of Central Florida for one or two classes per semester.

3) How Do Your Teachers Teach?

You know how your child listens and learns. Teaching styles will matter significantly when deciding between private schools. Our faculty employ a range of teaching methods, including:

  • Debate 
  • Discussion
  • Writing 
  • Reading
  • Questioning
  • Experimenting

These teaching styles work together to help students develop skills they will enjoy and use throughout their lives. 

4) What Is Your Student to Teacher Ratio?

One of the challenges of public education is class size. Even the best teachers only have so much time in the day to provide individual instruction and assistance. Private schools like The Crenshaw Academy often offer class sizes as much as 40 to 50% lower than state and national averages. 

5) What Is the Role of Technology in the Classroom?

The role of technology has increased considerably over the last few decades. That has only accelerated more so in the last couple of school years as schools, faculty, and students all had to navigate academics during a global pandemic. Parents will want to know what the role of technology is and if a school is ready to take on the challenges of continuing education, even if the unexpected happens in our region or worldwide. 

You also want to be confident that students are learning how to use not just the technology of today, but are prepared to implement their knowledge of how things work in the future. 

At the same time, there should be a balance between screen time and personal group and individual study. 

6)  What Sets Your School Apart?

Is there something that makes the school in question truly unique? For The Crenshaw Academy, in addition to providing high-quality academics to our students, we have the distinction of being an approved I-17 school and have established a program for international students. The International Student Program (ISP) serves students from across the world. International students benefit from:

Traditional students benefit from the diversity of culture and ideas our international students bring. This is one of the key distinctions for The Crenshaw Academy. 

As you explore private school options for your child, these questions will help get you started. The answers to them will likely spark additional questions. 

The team at The Crenshaw Academy is ready to answer your questions and help you better understand how our school may be the perfect fit for your child. Contact us for more information about how we help students develop into well-rounded, creative, and thinking individuals. 

We would be happy to provide examples of how our school has been an excellent alternative for many parents and students in the Orlando area.