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Entrepreneurship in High School: What Can It Do for Your Child?

Entrepreneurship in High School: What Can It Do for Your Child?

Tuesday, 09 November 2021 14:58

Parents spend a lot of time and energy making sure their children have every opportunity to be successful. You might assume success for your child will involve them completing high school, college, and beginning a rewarding career. However, there are no guarantees this process will lead your child to gainful employment. 

Events such as the Great Recession and the global COVID-19 pandemic have made it less certain that a bachelor’s degree fulfills the requirements your child will need to achieve financial security. However, from side hustles to start-ups, if your child has the creativity and entrepreneurial drive, they can carve out their own place in the global marketplace. 


At The Crenshaw Academy, we provide an entrepreneurial program that utilizes a special curriculum specially designed to build a strong foundation in international business, as well as business management and analysis. 

In this article, we are discussing how studying entrepreneurship can benefit your high school student. 

benefits studying entrepreneurship

Benefits of Studying Entrepreneurship 

Parents want to know their child’s high school experience will prepare them for college and beyond. That is exactly what our Entrepreneurial Program is designed to do:

“The focus is not only on the content of the liberal arts, but also on the acquisition of skills that will enable young people to solve varying problems in an ever-changing world.”

Being a lifelong learner is one of the keys to finding professional and personal success. Inspiring the desire to continue pursuing knowledge is one of the many benefits of our program. 

How Studying Entrepreneurship Prepares Students for Today and the Future:

  • Entrepreneurial programs inspire students to be imaginative and creative. The teenage years are not a time for your child to surrender their imagination. Rather, it is a time to harness their creativity. 
  • Entrepreneurial programs teach students how to work collaboratively with their friends and classmates. Being able to work with a team will help them be ready for the workforce or the process of assembling their own staff. 
  • Entrepreneurial programs help students learn how to speak confidently in public and present their ideas effectively and winsomely. 
  • Entrepreneurial programs provide students with the opportunity to understand the role data and analytics play in developing a successful business. 
  • Entrepreneurial programs facilitate an environment wherein students work together to solve real, complex problems that have no clear solution. Students gain a better understanding of how their creativity can help solve issues for potential customers and clients. 

Whether or not your child goes to start a business, these lessons will prove valuable in every aspect of their life. 

young entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs in Recent History

Your child does not have to wait until they complete college or a high school entrepreneurship program before they capitalize on their creativity. In the past few years, there have been a number of impressive, young entrepreneurs who have made a splash in the global economy.

  • Moziah “Mo” Bridges: Bridges was very young when he founded his handcrafted bowtie company. He and his mother appeared on Shark Tank in 2015, earning a partnership with Draymond John. Today, Bridges’ net worth is estimated to be approximately one million dollars.
  • Mikaila Ulmer: Ulmer is a teenage entrepreneur who founded her lemonade company when she was still in kindergarten. Like Mo Bridges, Ulmer received support from Draymond John during her appearance on Shark Tank. You can now find her lemonade in 1,500 stores across forty different states. 
  • Noa Mintz: Noa Mintz is a problem solver. She had a need for nannies and babysitters who would actually interact with her and her siblings. Mintz founded her company while still in school. It grew so quickly that she has hired a CEO to manage the business while she finishes high school. 
  • Dylan and Connor Clark: The Clark brothers put their pandemic-related free time to good use, developing and selling a comfortable, safe mask that has sold successfully enough to promote the company to give away thousands of dollars to charitable causes. 
  • Caroline and Isabel Bercaw: When the Bercaw sisters were still in middle school, they wanted to find a better way to help improve soreness in their muscles and joints after athletic training. They have since sold 10 million units of their bath bomb, and their company employs over two hundred people. 
  • Jesse Weinstein: Having just graduated college, Weinstein developed comfortable, fashionable masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based in Los Angeles, he has always made sure his products were made locally.

Studying Entrepreneurship at The Crenshaw Academy

Our seminar-style entrepreneurship classes can benefit your student in a number of ways. Your teenager is full of imagination and creativity. With our program, they will learn to use those innate skills in a collaborative environment to solve problems in our ever-changing world. 

If you believe your child would benefit from this program, we would love to talk with you. 

The Crenshaw Academy is a private school based in Orlando, Florida, serving students all over the world. Contact us for more information about how your student would benefit from our entrepreneurial program and to answer any other questions you might have.